Millennium Product status :- was awarded in Autumn 1998 by the UK Design Council to one form of these exceptional patented stabilisers.

It featured on BBC Televisions “Tomorrows World” programme for exciting new innovations. Other forms are mainly for those with disabilities. They have been widely recommended, in many publications for the disabled and by many occupational therapists and physiotherapists in the UK.

The following are quotes from important and reputable organisations and satisfied customers :-

“Hi my son has had a set of your adjustabilizers now for at least 3 years and they are the best thing we have bought him. He has started to wear the wheels due to excessive use which is a good thing!! We were wondering if it was at all possible to purchase a set of new wheels please ???”
Jaime R. August 2014

The answer to the above query was of course yes and were despatched forthwith!

“Good morning James,
Just thought I’d drop you a line to let you know that our nephew Matty was absolutely thrilled with the stabilisers for his bike which we bought from you in June – they’re great.
With his special needs problems he’s now all over the place on his new bike. Many thanks for your help”
Dave M.  Merseyside July 2013 (Uncle)

“Dear James ……….We wanted to take a moment to say a very big thank you to you for all your help, your speedy correspondence and undoubtedly the best customer care that we have ever encountered. You went to such extraordinary lengths to ensure that your amazing stabilisers would fit our daughters new 2 wheeler bike which she received for her tenth birthday.

The stabilisers arrived by courier in perfect condition, exactly when you said they would and given that we were working to a deadline we couldn’t have asked for more.

Olivia, as you know, had been riding a Mission BMX Trike and was keen to ride a regular bike like her friends. We never thought that this would be possible, given the extent of her disabilities but your product has made our daughters dreams a reality. In combination with a pair of Mission foot plates, the stabilisers have allowed Olivia the ability to be able to ride her bike, exercise her legs and have fun. I wish you had been there to see the joy on her face the first time she got to ride her new bike.

Olivia on bike
Olivia on her new cycle with fitted Adjustabilisers and Mission footplates

However, just so you have an idea of how happy she was we have attached a couple of photos. Please feel free to use our correspondence and the photos on your website.”
>Lisa C., Dorset March 2013 (Parent)

“Dear James……… Thank you very much for the adjustabilisers. They arrived Friday morning, great service!!, they are excellent and fit perfectly. My son who is autistic, is riding really well and with a lot more confidence on his very grown up new bike.

We thought our son would be limited to riding a tricycle style bike but thanks to your adjustablisers he is really getting the hang of a typical grown up bike. They are a great design, easy to fit and excellent quality, I would have no hesitation in recommending them. You also provided an excellent service.”
Jacqui J., Monmouth September 2012 (Parent)

“Dear James ………… Matty is off practising and up until now he has not been able to ride his bike alone unsupervised to any great effect however now he has the adjustibilizers he is able to ride up the street and back again at his own pace due to the confidence they have given him by removing the concern over balance. It’s a huge step for him and I am very grateful that we found your product so thank you it means the world to us and him. We now have a longer journey of teaching to ride properly however I know in time we will manage that.”
Mr David G, Watford April 2012 (Parent)

“We have tried the stabilisers with other physically and/ or mentally handicapped children who have been struggling to learn this skill, with very good results. I think they are an excellent piece of equipment and recommend them to staff and parents.”
Physiotherapy Magazine.

“Many of the items selected” (including Balance Trainers) “have managed to solve problems that have only been half solved before….. The journey from trike to bike is a fine balancing act – another Millennium Product eases the route with an incredibly simple idea – the adjustable bicycle stabilisers or Balance Trainers”
Tomorrows World – BBC TV Innovations Programme.

“These robust bicycle stabilisers can be adjusted sideways to vary the amount of support provided so that the person can learn to balance gradually…..The Adjustabilisers are straightforward to fit using the clear instructions provided”
Sport and Leisure – an Equipment Handbook published by the Disability Information Trust

“They (Stabilisers) have been so successful with the children to whom I’ve recommended them. It’s been wonderful to know they can enjoy riding a bike like everyone else! Your son must feel very fulfilled to see how many other children have benefited.”
Jean Gibb, Advisory Teacher for Physically Impaired Pupils.
“Your stabilisers have been very useful for dyspraxic children to learn to cycle.”
Adol Hartweld Senior Physiotherapist

“…we had them (large stabilisers) fitted to Laura’s bike. Laura has a right-sided hemiplegia and her balance is quite badly affected. We had a brilliant holiday at Centrepark and Laura kept up and overtook several people on their bikes. Thank you for your wonderful invention.”
Julie S. Essex (parent)

“We felt we had to write and tell you how successful the adjustabilisers have been for our children. Paul has mild cerebral palsy so he has found it very difficult to get his balance on the bike. We have tried for intermittent periods over 3 years to get him to ride without stablisers. Within 8 weeks of using the adjustabilisers he…gained so much confidence that he actually asked for them to be removed. you can imagine how happy we all were, even the neighbours came out and cheered. We then put them on our younger son’s bicycle. He has no physical disabilities only lacked confidence. He was to ride without adjustabilisers after just 3 weeks. Looking at them now, it’s hard to believe that they have not been playing around on bicycles for years. As far as we are concerned the adjustabilisers have performed miracles particularly in Pauls’ case.”
John and Jackie T. Hampshire (parents)

“Just writing to let you know how Jessica is getting on with her adjustabilisers. They are absolutely brilliant!”
 Melissa H. Norfolk (parent)

“The whole process (Balance trainer assisted balance learning) took less than 2 weeks. I didn’t have to run along holding the back of the saddle. The Balance Trainers were therefore particularly suitable for parents like me with bad backs” The Balance Trainers were simple, logical and excellent and I was very pleased.”
Mrs Cherie C. Northumberland

” Dear David Good
I would personally like to thank you and your company Good Designs for giving me the ability to ride a bicycle since the age of 12. I had tried for five years to learn to ride a bike but because of my hemiplegia I struggled. I found and still find to a certain degree sports and activities that involve good balance difficult. Each and every time I tried again in my efforts proved unsuccessful. But with the aid of your stabiliser design I am pleased to say that I am now able to ride a bicycle, this enables me to visit friends, view beautiful scenery and exercise outdoors. Before I learnt to ride I felt angry with myself, all the other children could ride a bicycle but I couldn’t, I missed out on lots of interesting games and opportunities to explore my local surroundings. I wish I could of joined in.
When I moved to Hertfordshire and started Senior School my friends lived further away than what they had previously in London. Some people lived a few miles away and I had to walk everywhere, making the journeys quite long because I walk rather slowly due to my disability. I felt somewhat secluded with many of my friends too far away for me to visit. I was so unhappy that my Mum suggested that I try to learn to ride a bike but we couldn’t find stabilisers suitably strong enough to support my weight until the local hospital suggested you.
The stabilisers you designed gave me the chance of riding a bike something that I had wanted to do ever since I was seven. I had watched two of my younger sisters ride their bikes and felt unhappy that I couldn’t join them.
The ability to ride a bike is important; it gets me out the house and I exercise while I’m having fun. Learning to ride has strengthened the muscles in my legs and makes me feel better about myself. Riding a bike has also helped in a number of sports where co-ordination and balance is required. What’s more I proved people wrong I did the “impossible”, I completed one of the biggest challenges in my life and succeeded.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to ride a bike and thanks for giving me a better quality of life.”
15 year old hemiplegic girl living in Hertfordshire, England

“Dear Mr Good
Following on from our telephone conversation. I wanted to drop you a line to thank you for your helpful advice both in purchasing and using your cleverly designed stabilisers. Our son is diagnosed with dyspraxic tendencies which means he has problems with motorskills, particularly co-ordination and balance. As a result learning to ride a bicycle has been a major challenge.
The key for us in using the stabilisers was that we could – with his knowledge and consent – reduce the width of balance aid provided, and the height of the stabilisers, by tiny increments. This way he built his confidence slowly (very slowly – over 6 months) but surely. Finally, on this weekend just past, he realised he was pedalling along and not hearing the stabilisers’ wheels touch the ground and at last agreed we could remove them. With that, he was off and spent a hugely enjoyable afternoon riding his bike!
I really don’t think he would have achieved this without the gradual approach we were able to take with your stabilisers, and we – and, of course, he are tremendously grateful to you for your help in this.
I would thoroughly recommend the stabilisers to anyone whose child has dyspraxia, and who is experiencing problems in riding a bike.
I have sent an e-mail to the Dyspraxia Foundation, and to our local group co-ordinator to confirm how helpful we have found the stabilisers.
Many thanks again.
Yours sincerely”
Mrs K. S. Plymouth

“Dear David Good
Over the past few years we have supplied and fitted several set of your ‘Adjustabiliser’ stabilisers with excellent results in every case. The most recent being a young man, who was told by experts he would never be able to ride a bicycle. After 11 months of using the Adjustabilisers they were removed, and he now rides every day to school unaided and often outpaces his escort rider!
I would not hesitate to recommend this excellent product.”
Mr Steven W. Bike shop. Somerset